Eliminating the payment of 

sales taxes on energy used for production in the great state of Indiana

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The Basics

Does your company pay Indiana Sales Tax on the utility bills?

Does your company use some of that energy to make something?

If yes is the answer to these two questions, you are entitled to a refund.

The only question to be answered is, How Much?

Unfortunately, many business owners have neither the time or expertise to perform the detailed analysis to properly answer the last question.

If you find yourself in this situation

Let us perform the analysis and prepare all the necessary forms and paperwork to claim your refund. All that we need are copies of your utility bills and a visit to your facility which can be scheduled at your convenience. As for our fees, you will never owe us a cent unless and until you receive a refund. At that time, we will ask for one third of the refund as compensation for our services.

You have nothing to lose.

There is no fee unless and until you receive a refund.

Contact us to see if you could benefit from our services. 

Our satisfied clients include: 

Supermarkets, factories, restaurants and more. Anyone who uses energy to make something.

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